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April 2015
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Who is Marcus Sheridan? Many people know Marcus as the Pool Guy, because he helped bring his pool company out of the recession through a combination of grit, determination, and the power of online content. It's also how he gained some major traction in the online realm.

He defines himself as a guy helping businesses communicate in a digital world and also helping them embrace the realities of the digital consumer. So we of course discuss these topics but we also dig a bit deeper and that's why I was so glad to get him on the show.

One thing will be obvious after you listen to Marcus, his enthusiasm is infectious. He lives and breathes his authentic brand, and his power-filled message comes through loud and clear each and every time he writes or speaks.

I see Marcus as a fire starter. I love talking to him and I think you'll love this show.

Some questions I ask:

  • Can you create an ideal life and business?
  • What is your biggest passion?
  • How important is legacy to you?
  • Is there such a think as work/life balance? And if so, how do you achieve it?

You’ll also learn:

  • The importance of the "they ask, you answer: methodology.
  • Why public speaking is such a great lead generation tool. And why you should start speaking locally.
  • The importance of working from your core principles with any business venture.

Resources and links discussed in this show:

Jim Rohn

A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy: Answer Customers’ Questions

Daring Greatly Quotes (Brene Brown)


WOW Agency Event

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Most of us have been taught to avoid barriers, not to step into them. But if you are looking to reinvent your life and business you must learn to embrace the unknown. Why? Because the first step to transformation is often triggered by an external event, and these potential opportunities—the golden nuggets that lead to transformation—are usually hidden in plain site. This reframing process is a huge component to change, then transformation. 

We humans are also fond of labels and many individuals, including myself, have tried time and time again to fit a certain mold with little luck. Or we let fear continually trip us up by letting past life experiences dictate all we do and we move with trepidation.

But here's the thing. Transformation doesn't have to be burdensome and/or fear-based. Tim and Sharon not only preach this, they teach it and make a living helping businesses master the art and science of transformation. They believe that within each person there is a core of light. 

But before you think about putting your grand plans to action it's important to step back, define you core values, and go through a period of self-inquiry to truly flesh out your vision.

When it comes to getting clients unstuck, Tim and Sharon are true experts and I think you'll love what they have to say.

Some questions I ask:

  • Can you create an ideal life and business?
  • How do you work to find your core values?
  • What are your thoughts on the enthusiasm around life coaching?
  • How does an individual learn to harness the tremendous energy available, through personal connections and technology?

You’ll also learn:

  • About combining big energy with soft energy, and how mastering this art can change your life.
  • Why dancing with higher levels of uncertainty is so crucial to personal growth.
  • How unconscious biases are created and reinforced by our life experiences and environments.
  • That part of transformation is about removing labels.

Resources and links discussed in this show:

Let's Grow Leaders

The Lean Startup

Rewiring the Corporate Brain

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth— 

Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World

Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future 

Tim and Sharon's company:

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Today's podcast explains—in short form—why I started the Art of Breaking Out in the first place. It's best summarized by this quote from Jonathan Fields… “…to build something that not only makes money and serves a need but also serves you and the life you seek to create.”

This is a new short segment format I'm trying out. You can let me know what you think by commenting on the original post here:

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Is there an perfect there? Can you create an ideal life and business? And what is "showing up?"

Many people are in careers they hate. They want to change but have no idea what they want to do, or they can see it (that "ideal") but can't figure out how to get there. I wrote on this topic here and my discussion with Berni is based on my post and this conversation between Jonathan Fields and Brene Brown.

I wanted to have an open discussion about life and business, transformation, and having the courage to be vulnerable. Berni is one of the first people I think of when I envision someone Daring Greatly. She's also great at cutting through the crap and getting straight to the point ;) 

Some tidbits from Berni? Buckle up and get ready for the ride, experience the highs and lows, and let go of perfection. I like her responses and I think you'll love this conversation.

Some questions I ask:

  • Can you create an ideal life and business?
  • How does an individual start on a path to breakthrough growth?
  • Is it okay to be a little imbalanced?
  • Should you be focused on the destination or the journey?

You'll also learn:

  • Why viewing projects as science experiments is beneficial to life and business.
  • What "showing up" means to Berni. (I think you'll like what she has to say.)
  • Why not being afraid of the journey should be the goal.
  • The value of embracing imperfection.
  • The importance of contribution and how this practice can change your life in new an unexpected ways.

Resources and links discussed in this show:

Daring Greatly

Misfit Inc.

Stop Following Your Passion (Do This Instead)


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