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Who is Mark Schaefer? Just in case you don't know, he's an author, speaker, college educator... and social media strategy consultant.

And yes, we do discuss social media, but much of the focus is on this post titled "A speech you will never hear again." The topic? How blogging saved Mark's life.

The post resonated with me because we all have to deal with darkness and pain, but Mark's speech transcript centers on how you can bend negative emotions into positive, life-changing strength. A place where you emerge as a new person. I LOVE that, and truly enjoyed this amazing conversation.

Yes, Mark really knows social media, but we dive deeper in this interview and I think you'll enjoy it.

Some questions I ask:

  • How did you discover your voice?
  • When did you first earn money because of your blog?
  • What is a micro niche? And how can you dominate it?
  • How does someone reinvent him or herself in this digital age?
  • What specifically about blogging brought you out of tough times? Gave you the impetus to push through?
  • How do you deal with criticism? 

You'll also learn:

  • How blogging saved Mark's life (and why you should embrace change).
  • The number one problem of new businesses (overlooking customers, anyone? ;))
  • That jealousy is the overwhelming feeling of 30% of the people who view their Facebook news feed.
  • His favorite social network? And why?
  • How Mark reinvented himself, later in life. And why age should not be a barrier.

Resources and links discussed in this show:

Jay Baer's "Jay Today"

How to make a living on Vine [Juan Pablo Zurita]

Content Shock:

A speech you will never hear again

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Lisa Gerber works with clients to discover their unique story, and find creative ways to get that story embedded in the conversation of their target audience. She thinks businesses, CEOs, and individuals achieve their big leaps through better storytelling, and I happen to agree.

I believe if you want to truly break out and create an online brand built to last, you must first develop a core narrative. We call that storytelling and Lisa has some great insight into this very process. If you're looking to make your way online or to take some big leaps of your own, listen to this show.

From the marketing manager at a popular ski resort to managing one of the most popular and award winning blogs in the PR industry, Lisa has marketing chops. But she also has a story to tell, and she can help you tell yours.

Some questions I ask:

  • How do you grapple with being an ambitious person who struggles to conquer anxiety on a regular basis?
  • How do you challenge yourself daily? Are there any practices that help you get past fear? That can help others get past fear?
  • Where does a small business start to truly use technology to shape their marketing in new and exciting ways? 
  • How do we convince others that age should not be a barrier?

You’ll also learn how Lisa has helped others uncover their narrative, her perpetual search to balance happiness with ambition, storytelling, wine-making, and a lot more…


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