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Let me ask you something: Do you think you’re doing the work you were born to do? And, is there even such a thing?

Many solopreneurs struggle with this question. Worrying they are working like an over-caffeinated beaver on the “wrong” thing. Spending most of their waking hours working on something that isn’t quite “it.”

I think we all struggle with this question. Wondering if there is such a thing as a “calling.”  Well, this is one subject we get deep into in today’s interview with solopreneur and writer, Jeff Goins. This is why he wrote The Art of Work—because many people were asking this question: How did you find your way?

Once Jeff declared himself a writer—his Obi-Wan Kenobi moment— everything changed. We talk through that moment, where he started, and how he’s built a career and life around it.

His online journey started in non-profit marketing, and he had eight different blogs before starting But after reading books by writers like Seth Godin, he was inspired by the thought of spreading an idea worth spreading. In fact, it helped him understand why marketing matters. And this, combined with his turning pro, is where it all started.

We also talk about his thoughts on living a portfolio life. What it means, why it’s not a new term, and why it defines the future of work. This includes spending some time on Charles Handy’s The Age of Unreason, and why a portfolio life is a smarter way to build a career. Whether you think of yourself as a jack of all trades or master of one, it doesn’t really matter, this is the future of work, and a topic you should be paying attention to.

Most of our conversation centers around this question: How do you find that thing that sparks you, and then build your vocation and lifestyle around it?

Jeff is a speaker, a podcaster, but most of all, he’s a writer. He’s the author of 4 books, including the Art of Work. He was an amazing guest, and I know you’ll love this show.

Questions I ask:

  • When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?
  • Can someone really find their calling?
  • What is your process of self-inquiry?
  • Can you plan your purpose? (You’ll love his answer.)
  • Is this the age the the renaissance man woman?
  • Vocation: Is the future of work about learning a variety of skills and combining them in interesting ways?
  • Is The Hunger Games the future of writing?

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why thinking like a pro will change your work and your life.
  • Why you need to listen to your life (See parker palmer below).
  • He wrote The Art of Work not because he had all the answers, but because had so many questions.
  • Jeff was a Spanish Major in College (not an English major).
  • Everyday you have an opportunity to create a legacy.
  • He won a 6th grade spelling bee (and made and 8th grader cry in the process) by spelling, wait for it… acquiescence.
  • To pay attention to the themes that keep popping up in your life. (You’ll love his time line exercise).
  • By 2020 half the american workforce will be freelance workers.
  • The secret to Ernest Hemingway’s success, Yeah, really.
  • Why I think Jeff is Ernest Hemingway and James Altucher is Gertrude Stein
  • 1,000 fans starts with 10 true friends.


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