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My guest, Robert Rose, is the Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). He's been with CMI since the beginning in 2009. Robert's passion is to help marketers become stellar storytellers, and this is one of the main reasons I had him on the show. Not to mention he's a featured writer and speaker at technology and marketing events around the globe.

Robert originally came to his current home (Los Angeles) from Texas. He was going to be a rock star, but as a keyboard player in late 80s (the hight of Grunge phenomenon) Robert had to make other plans. After a brief writing stint in the entertainment business, he decided this wasn't the business for him. This is when he transitioned to marketing, jumped into the TV business at Showtime Networks, and where he really cut his teeth in the world of marketing.

He then spent three years in Washington, D.C. working for a website design company, but ended up back in sunny LA working for a large consulting firm (US Web). After the "dot bomb" era (late 90s—2001), he spent 8 years in marketing working for a company that spun out of the dot bomb mess. He learned a ton during this time and soon realized the amazing power of content marketing. At the time he wanted to do something completely different, a practice few others were doing—continuously pushing out quality content.

In 2008 Robert when out on his own and started speaking about the power of content. He met Joe Pulizzi of CMI and soon after, started working with Joe and the crew at CMI.

Robert has worked with such companies as 3M, Dell, Adobe and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—helping all of them with developing smart and creative content marketing strategies. But his focus is always on the people within a corporation. He believes that if you walk in to an organization with the intent to help individuals, you'll help the business so much more. 

So this naturally translates to our solopreneur world. Robert is, after all, a solopreneur. We discuss solopreneur strategies—figuring out your why, finding the right audience, getting past fear, then making it it all work by integrating work and life. He even runs through a case detailing how a woman made great strides within a company by getting past the fear of "the ask," then making big changes within the company.

We talk about his book, "Experiences: The Seventh Era Of Marketing" which is all about how content-driven experiences can be created, managed, scaled, promoted, and measured in today's business.

The conversation is so relevant because many successful solopreneurs (like many big companies) are becoming more like little media companies. And much of our talk centers on this new era of marketing and storytelling.

What You'll Learn:

  • How you, as a solo pro, can become a better storyteller.
  • He even runs through steps, detailing how to tell your story and effectively get your point of view out into the world.
  • He has great advice on mapping out a plan to bring that business you envision to life.
  • Rock-solid content marketing strategies.
  • Why you should NEVER operate from a position of fear.
  • How to create your own center of gravity (passionate, high quality content vs. going where your audience is).
  • How to master delegation by carving out the job you want.
  • He even has a prediction about Google Plus you will want to hear.

Questions I ask:

  • How does a solopreneur effectively communicate his or her why (why they are in business) in the digital realm.
  • How can a solopreneur get past fear?
  • Is social media advertising an effective strategy for a solo professional?
  • Your book is titled "Experiences: The Seventh Era Of Marketing." Could you explain this era and why it's so important?
  • You've now met one of your heroes, John Cleese. What was that like?

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