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January 2019
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My guest, Ryan Biddulph started his blogging journey after being laid off from his security guard job at a shipping terminal. When he started he didn't know what a blog was, had serious financial problems, and some very limiting beliefs to get past. But being laid off, combined with his initial naiveté, was a blessing, catalyzing his exploration of the world of online marketing.

Ryan's rags to riches story is about a former security guard now making big things happen in the online realm. He's even given a talk at NYU and his message is simple… if he can do it, so can you—he's living, breathing proof of it. A guy who had about four pennies in his pocket seven years ago is now blogging from paradise.

We talk about the mechanics of branding, audience-building, and online marketing, but we also talk about the importance of maintaining a daily practice. Ryan credits daily meditation with really turning things around. It helped him fully let go of his old beliefs (relics of his old life) and finally get his groove on. He now meditates daily, to expand his awareness, setup his day, and focus on his intent. And the power of intention (vs. the constant scramble to make more money) is at the heart of this conversation. It's also the best way to find those people who will come to like, know, and trust you.

Ryan started his blog seven years ago but three years in he was still not clear on his mission. He earned enough from his writing gigs but he struggled and didn't have clarity. He had enough to travel the world on the cheap but it wasn't until roughly 15 months ago that things finally turned around for him—when Blogging from Paradise was hatched. We discuss his new brand, how he built it, and how he's built marketing momentum around it.

We also discuss how his goal to create a more effective passive income stream, led him to books and the world of Amazon self-publishing. With over 100 books on Amazon, more than 20 going to paperback, and 30 plus converted to audio books, he's certainly done it in a big way. And he is now spending most of his time on writing 6,000-7,000 word eBooks.

We get into the mechanics of his self-publishing model and how he found the right audience for his books. And if you want to learn a ton about online publishing on Amazon, you'll definitely want to listen to this interview.

What You'll learn:

  • Details on his life in Southeast Asia, including the cultural dynamics of places like Thailand, Cambodia, and Bali.
  • The importance of a daily practice.
  • Techniques for speaking directly to your audience.
  • Details on Ryan's Amazon self-publishing model.
  • How to build an audience by commenting on other blogs with a clear, consistent message
  • The best way to network with influencers.
  • How an icy cold shower might be the best way to jumpstart your day.
  • The amazing power of batching and delegating important tasks. (handing off that "bomb" to someone else.) Learn how Ryan's Bomb Rule of Blogging boosts your effectiveness!

Questions I ask:

  • How did you gain clarity and bring your new brand to life?
  • What led you to create your volume self-publishing model on Amazon?
  • And what techniques did you use to figure out exactly who to talk to and build an audience around your books?
  • Can you create an ideal life and business?
  • What are the specific steps you take daily to get yourself in a proper, positive, and productive frame of mind?
  • What is your why? Why do you do what you do?

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