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January 2019
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My guest, Meg Worden, was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. With her father in the oil business and her mother working for the airlines, she spent a lot of time moving—from Norway to Texas, she's been just about everywhere. She has also lived quite a life, and has an amazing story to tell.

She's a Wellness Consultant, Writer, and Health Coach. But Meg is not your everyday health coach. Her methodologies go way beyond diet to a place where your body is a brilliant tool—to give, receive, and connect. Her practice is about giving individuals the ability to be more responsive (vs. reactive) to the things that life throws at you on a daily basis—to survive and thrive. To say her sessions go pretty deep would be an understatement.

Meg basically works to activate magic in people. She's the Director of Strategic Partnerships at A Social Ignition, an organization that has developed a curriculum for entrepreneurship taught inside and outside of prison. She writes, helps spread stories about the broken justice system, coaches, and speaks internationally about using health and wellness as an element of success.

But the most inspiring part of her multi-layered life is when she found her voice and learned to tell her fascinating story. That story involves drug charges and federal prison. And it's a story you'll want to listen to.

It turns out learning how to tell this story was so important on so many levels. And when she finally decided to do it, pushing past the worry, about her business, neighbors, and clients—it was one of the best decisions she's ever made. And that is why I wanted her on the show–to teach others how to put something in the world that creates a connection.

Letting her story out was beyond scary. Think about it… "Hi I'm Meg, I'm a health coach and I was in prison." But in the end, the decision to tell her story has made all the difference in the world because it's established many connections with other humans, some her own clients. It's actually helped her health practice because having it out there makes people feel they'll be working with a human. Honesty like this activates compassion not judgement or fear.

We go deep into her coaching practice, her daily routine, and what inspires her. We also discuss why the pervasive messages centering on self-improvement—the "you're not good enough" message—might be detrimental and why it infuriates her.

Meg has an amazing story and she has a lot to teach. I think you'll love this interview.

What you’ll learn:

• The importance of putting something out into the world that creates a connection.
• Why it's always important to come back to health and your body.
• Sometimes getting more out of life is about stopping.
• A huge part of figuring out who you are is about not focusing on yourself, and instead being part of a collective.
• That telling hard truths can often lead to peace.
• While during her time in prison, she met only one person she thought really deserved to be there
• How to better tell your own story.

Questions I ask:

• Do you see your time prison as a gift?
• How did you start telling your story?
• How has being 100% honest about your past helped you and your business?
• What is a typical work day like for you? How do you get so much done?
• What is "showing up?"
• If you had a chance to hang out with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Links mentioned in the show:

• A Social Ignition
• Dear People Who Live in Fancy Tiny Houses
• Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
• Gabriel Garcia Marquez
• Janelle Hanchett: Renegade Mothering | Tales of A Wayward Mama
• Meg Worden at Back Fence PDX
• Meg's own site: MegWorden


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