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Steve Woodruff describes his Clarity Therapy consultations as “a combination of personalized DNA sequencing, strategic brainstorming, targeted branding, and, one-on-one therapy.” And the word on the street is that Steve is extremely skilled at helping individuals and small businesses discover their fit.

Clarity Therapy evolved from something else. While working as a matchmaker between bio pharma companies and vendors (he calls his company, Impactiviti, the eHarmony of Pharmaceutical training) Steve saw a matchmaking need. He soon realized that this need could turn into a sound business. Many vendors did a poor job differentiating/branding themselves, so he worked on a brief exercise helping them figure out their brand. Clarity Therapy grew out of this matchmaking business. He now runs two distinct businesses, helping companies and individuals differentiate themselves.

Steve helps them look at certain parameters to help them find their sweet spot—things like vertical and horizontal markets, ideal customers, size, and geography. And his sessions are really like therapy sessions—a place where he works to find their strengths and what they really want to do. He then works with them to shape a particular “fit” around their DNA—what their wiring desires. A clear, concise verbal business card that is all their own is the result.

“Now I see who I am” is probably something Steve hears often. This is why he calls it therapy.

Steve is an expert at helping solopreneurs flesh out their vision, find their sweet spot, and create messaging around it, and that is precisely why he is on the show. We discuss what I call, “Steve-isms”… a Memory Dart and a Verbal Business Card, why age equals wisdom (you are never too old to start over), and the little creative mecca he calls home, Franklin, Tennessee.

One of the keys to these “Steve-isms” is the fact that analogies are the quickest bridge to understanding. Borrowing well understood imagery is sooooo underutilized and so crucial to a clear brand image. Here are a few examples… “Craig has the mercedes of podcasts for marketers.” Yeah, I do, And Steve’s own “eHarmony of pharmaceutical training” mentioned above. This imagery is something people immediately understand and it leaves and impression—easily digested and easily remembered.

I ask him: How would you help a Multipotentialite find their fit? Help them take their multiple threads of interests and abilities, find a place in the market they can dominate, and create a clear brand around this? Steve has an answer. As a branding guy, this is exactly why I loved talking with him. I know you’ll love this show…

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of shedding the 9-5 mentality.
  • The amazing benefit of a creative, inspired community. Why the little burg Steve calls home is so good for his creative soul.
  • One of his primary goals was to have a portable business—9 years ago! (Great things take time.)
  • The importance of knowing if you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert.
  • Age is a benefit when it comes to business experience (of course it is, but we always need to hear this.)
  • Why focusing on an elevator pitch is the wrong idea.
  • Why it all comes down to the meat and potatoes of helping people and building relationships.


Questions I ask:

  • What is step one to define your brand?
  • Is it crucial to “niche down?”
  • What is a Memory Dart?
  • Does the online course model have potential?
  • What is a verbal business card?
  • How do you structure your social media interaction?
  • Can you create an ideal life and business? (You’ll love his answer)


Links mentioned in the show:

Multipotentialite Emilie Wapnick.
Hugh Macleod’s “You can’t read the label of the jar you’re in.
Frothy Monkey
coffee shop in Franklin, Tennessee.
Clarity in 60 Seconds.
Steve’s site:

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